Education programmes 2016

School farms
We are working with six schools to develop farms. The main aim of the farms is to ensure that pupils are able to eat lunch. However, the farms are also educational – teaching children, and the wider community, about modern agricultural practices. This year we will be introducing fruit trees and poultry to our school farm programmes. Once we have perfected the model, we hope to expand the programme to other schools. [Read articles about our school farms]

Busolwe Community Library
The library in Busolwe is a place where children, young people and adults can come and learn. It’s also a hub for people to gather who are desperate to see their communities develop. In 2014, we began a partnership with the library, enabling them to employ a librarian to manage and develop all the work they are involved in. In 2016, we are developing our partnership with the library as we hand on several of our programmes to them – including the Straight Talk youth groups (which initially started in the library), career guidance and IT training. [Read articles about Busolwe Community Library]

Scholarship programme
We fund students, primarily to study vocational courses such as carpentry, electrical installation, brick laying, plumbing, secretarial studies and catering. The priority of the a little bit of HOPE scholarship programme is to fund students who show potential in their chosen field, but whose families lack the resources to pay for their college education. [Read articles about our scholarship programme]

Reusable sanitary towels
When a girl starts her period it can often mean missing a few days of school. As more school is missed, the likelihood of her dropping out of education increases. We educate girls about menstruation and teach girls how to make reusable sanitary towels – enabling girls to keep going to school during their period. [Watch a short film about our reusable sanitary towels]