Sanitary towels becoming the talk of the town…


Many years ago, during their first week in West Africa, some friends of ours were making a long road trip through the African Bush with an older, more experienced missionary. Even in the remotest part of the jungle there were numerous police blocks on the side of the road and as they pulled up to

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What Alan Sugar and Busolwe Technical College have in common…

Uganda RS Oct 2015-154

What parallels are there between a technical college in Busolwe, Uganda, and Lord Sugar’s boardroom? Well, the simple answer is ‘not many’! However, in one regard they are strikingly similar as they are both filled with people longing to hear two, life-changing words: “You’re hired”. a little bit of HOPE is passionate about young people

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Building toilets on a foundation of education

Rachel Uganda-244

‘Dash In A Real Rush Hurry Or Else Accident’. Hardly an appropriate or relevant choice of spelling for year four! Nevertheless, I’m sure many of us can remember being taught this humorous and light-hearted acronym at school back in the day. The irony is that for many people across the world, this subject is neither

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Bringing hope and honey to Butaleja

Eric Mageyo

Robert Green Ingersoll, an American politician alive during the civil war, once wrote, “Hope is the only bee that makes honey without flowers.” Despite being separated by over 100 years and 1000’s of kilometres of water, he and Eric Mageyo have much in common. Eric is a bee farmer working to bring hope and honey

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Sarah’s hamper: two years on


Despite the alarmingly mild winter we seem to be enjoying this year, the majority of us won’t be opting to camp out this holiday for the fun of it. The last time I was camping in Africa, the ground was hard, the cold was creeping and the mosquitos were relentless. It was a thoroughly miserable

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How the gift of stationery transformed Christine’s life…


by Nolly MoltonAlthough I’ll be the first to admit to a profound love of all things Paperchase, I’m struggling to remember the last time I asked for stationery at Christmas, let alone school supplies. The idea of gifting pens, paper, book-bags, schools uniforms and rulers may seem rather strange, but for the children of Busolwe,

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