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Will you help us repair the Buhumi village borehole?

145 families in the village of Buhumi in Butaleja District currently don’t have access to clean drinking water…

…and we need your help in order to repair it. Since the borehole broke a number of months ago, the families have been using the nearest alternative borehole, which is a kilometre away from their village. A kilometre. It doesn’t sound very far does it? Let’s think about it though. This is their ONLY access to clean water and it is at least a ten minute walk away. A walk that becomes much more difficult on the way back, when carrying all the water you need for that day’s drinking, bathing, cooking, cleaning and washing. I’ve ashamedly been known to bemoan having to walk the few metres to our office kitchen to re-fill my water bottle.

And then I think about Buhumi.

Due to the rising popularity of the neighbouring village’s borehole, it has become unbearably busy. Families in Buhumi are waking as early as 4am to walk to this borehole, and then leaving at mid-day with only one or two jerry cans of water. Precious time that should be spent farming, running their business, feeding children, or even going to school, is now being spent queuing for a few litres of water.

The other alternative source of water has been a nearby swamp. This is unsafe for drinking, and has recently dried up due to the current temperatures and lack of rain, so is not an option anymore.

The a little bit of HOPE (Uganda) team have been with an engineer to assess Buhumi’s broken borehole and determine the fault. Many people from the village turned up to help and see what the damage is. Having opened the borehole, the engineer discovered a whole host of complications and many parts that urgently need replacing. 

This is an urgent need, so we need urgent help.

It will cost £100 to buy the replacement parts and repair Buhumi village’s borehole.

(£60 parts / £40 labour) We also ask the village members to gather a community contribution towards fixing the borehole. This ensures there is ownership over the borehole and reduces the chances of it getting misused and breaking again. We find that newly-repaired boreholes become the pride and joy of a village, especially when the community have invested in it themselves.

Can you help us repair this borehole and bring safe drinking water back to Buhumi village? Would you consider donating to help us raise the £100 it will cost to fix this borehole? Perhaps you can gather some friends, family or colleagues to raise the funds as a group.

To donate, visit our ‘give’ page or go directly to our online giving page by clicking the donate button on the right. Please use ‘buhumi borehole’ as a reference when donating.*

Thank you.

*There is a long list of boreholes that need repairing, so if more than £100 is raised, your money will go towards ensuring more people have access to safe drinking water.