Why we should all visit Busolwe Public Library…

a little bit of HOPE has been involved in various ways with Busolwe Public Library since our beginning in 2011. We are currently supporting them through the employment of a full time staff member (the wonderful Rose). We’ve always been so impressed by the way this amazing community hub is so much more than somewhere to read or borrow a book.

Last month, 1,041 people were recorded to have visited the library! 410 of these visitors were children who borrowed books, attended ‘Lit Club’ and took part in story times.

Rose, who runs the library, explains the significance of what the library means for the community…

“People come to the library looking mainly for information, but they find each other. 

Men who come to read newspapers spend time talking with each other; children who come for different activities play with other children; teenagers meet up in the library for research purposes; and other readers discuss current affairs happening in the country; women come to access savings and self-help groups and form friendships for life. Busolwe Public Library goes beyond providing content, to enabling teachers and students to create their own content. They use the library to have group discussions, research and gain knowledge in order to create their own new independent works.

The library provides space and services that meet the needs of people who want to explore, research, create, and so much more.

The library has also become an important partner in child development. Through the library collections, programmes, and the space available, children learn to share, be engaged in their communities, and participate in
the arts.

They are encouraged and equipped to explore their immediate world and the world at large.”

So, it may be a few thousand miles and a couple of flights away, but the Library is a great place to get to know the community of Busolwe and well worth a trip. You could visit some of our other projects and try some delicious home-cooked chapati and beans while you’re there too!