What villagers want

In order to help us identify what local people perceive their main needs to be, Josephine, the administrator of a little bit of HOPE (Uganda), conducted some research in two villages in Butaleja. Here a few of her findings:

WATER | People recognised that access to safe drinking water was essential. Fewer than half the respondents had a borehole within half a mile of their home. Imagine not having a tap within half a mile of where you lived. 14% of respondents had to walk over two miles to the nearest (working) borehole. We’re delighted that we have raised £350 to fix two broken boreholes, but there’s plenty more we can fix if we had more money.

EDUCATION | Increasingly villagers are seeing the importance of educating children. However, 48% of respondents said they couldn’t afford to buy exercise books for their children, 42% couldn’t afford school uniform and 88% couldn’t afford meals for their children while at school. We will continue to look at creative ways to provide exercise books and school uniforms for those who most need them, and we now await the results of our first school farm.

FOOD | The change in climate has led to unpredictable seasons. At times there is too little rain, then at other times there is too much rain. When food is scarce, people are forced to buy food at high prices from the market. However, for many people in Butaleja if their crops fail, meaning they can’t sell food, they don’t have any money to buy food! We are going to ask a little bit of HOPE (Uganda) to see if there are education programmes we can invest in to help local people farm their land as effectively as possible.