Vulnerable households

Widow support programme
Working with Busolwe Pentecostal Church, we support the 40 or so widows who live in the village of Bugosa. This includes a regular visitation programme, social gatherings to enable the widows to connect with one another, income generating training and starting a saving and small loan scheme. At Christmas time, we support these widows with the gift of a hamper, containing essential household items that will see them through the Christmas season and beyond.

Vulnerable groups and households
Improving the livelihoods of vulnerable groups and households (mostly widows and vulnerable women) by providing them with sustainable agricultural training, house building and repairs, business training, income-generating activities, access to VSLAs, and general wellbeing support. in 2018, 280 families received training in sustainable agriculture.

Orphans and vulnerable children
We support a small group of orphans and vulnerable children, along with their families, in the areas of education, health and nutrition. The children attend a local primary school and receive scholastic materials, while their mother or caregivers and family are supported with agricultural training, income-generating activities and other basic needs at the home. We believe it is important to support these children within the context of their families, in order to help the whole family, and make sure caregivers feel empowered in raising their children. In 2018, 5 families were given goats to enable them to generate income.