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Uganda’s 77%: unlocked potential

The a little bit of HOPE (Uganda) team update us on the Apprenticeship programme, sharing some of the significant achievements of last year…

Uganda has one of the youngest populations in the world, with 77% of our population being under 30 years of age. They represent the effort of our country’s preparation for the future. With the right care and development, the youth have the potential to become active and productive young women and men. But for too many of them, difficult challenges like teenage pregnancies, early marriages, HIV/AIDS, unemployment, and lack of resources, stand in their way. Looking at the challenges faced especially by young mothers in Butaleja, we designed a programme that would offer them a skill for job creation to enable them to live a purposeful life, even after child birth and dropping our of school. Here is what we achieved in 2018:

36 young mothers received hands-on skills in hairdressing and tailoring

6 were graduated with start-up kits

5 have established their own small business and are self-employed

1 is now earning income by helping her mentor to train other apprentices

31 apprentices are still under training and will graduate this year

By the skills offered, the lives of these youths have been empowered and improved.

“I didn’t have any skill before, but after one year’s training sponsored by a little bit of HOPE, I have acquired a hairdressing skill. I have also put up my own small salon in Leresi Trading centre, and am making money. My life has been greatly transformed.” (Hasifa, Butaleja District)