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“Thank you for fixing our community borehole”

The borehole in the village of Sagenda in Butaleja District had been broken for ten years before a little bit of HOPE were able to help the community fix it, thanks to the generosity of our supporters in the UK. 

Here is Joyce with the village's newly-fixed borehole
Here is Joyce with the village’s newly-fixed borehole

Isaac, Project Coordinator at a little bit of HOPE (Uganda) met with the community members who are now able to use this borehole, which serves two hundred families and over a thousand pupils from the nearby primary school. Joyce, one of the residents of Sagenda Village, described the problems that a broken borehole can have on the whole community. She explained that most people in Sagenda would walk for 3km to look for safe drinking water, although others collected water from a nearby well which produced dirty, unsafe water. Drinking this water had damaging effects on the health of those in the village, especially children. Children were often responsible for walking the long distances to collect water, which prevented many of them from attending school and receiving their education. The alternative boreholes in other villages were always busy and congested, so those collecting water would wake early in the morning and then wait hours for their turn to use the pump.

Joyce explained that fixing the borehole has massively improved the lives of those in Sagenda. They no longer have to walk the long distances to look for drinking water and no one has to drink unsafe water from the well. The community members are so grateful that their borehole is working again, as are members from neighbouring villages whose boreholes are no longer congested. Thousands of people now have significantly improved access to water, now that the Sagenda borehole has been fixed.

Illustrations by Ellie Comer
£50 – Fixing Boreholes

This Christmas, we’re giving people the opportunity to help fix more boreholes in Butaleja District, so that no one has to go without access to safe drinking water. It costs approximately £50 to fix a borehole. We employ a local engineer and the community also help out in some way too. If you can contribute towards the cost of fixing a borehole, thank you. Click here to find out how.