The rains have arrived

Many parts of the UK are under drought restrictions at the moment. Ironically, it seems like its been raining solidly for the past week, and the forecast suggests it will do so for the next week. (That’s how it is in London anyway.)

I wish it would just rain at night!

In the UK, it seems that weather patterns are getting stranger. The same is true in Uganda. Rainy seasons that used to come and go like clock-work are just not as reliable anymore. March and April are now nerve racking months for the residents of Butaleja District. Will the rains come, so the fields can be ploughed and the seeds sown?

The good news is that this year the rains have already arrived! For Mugulu Integrated Primary School it means that work has started on their school farm, which is being funded by a little bit of HOPE.

Not only will the farm be educational it will also enable the school to feed pupils at lunchtime.

Many children don’t get to eat anything while they are at school from 8am to 5pm, and some don’t have breakfast either. That does not help pupils concentrate. Education and hope are so intrinsically contected that improving childrens ability to learn really does provide a little bit of hope.

Initially we’ve provided approximate £125, that has enabled them to buy tools, seeds, fertilizer, pesticides and hire oxen to plough the land. Then we’ll provide a further £50 for the second planting season later this year. We hope that the farm will soon become self-sustaining as the school will sell up to 25 per cent of the harvest to cover the cost of ploughing the land, and purchasing fertilisers and pesticides. The school also intends to expand the size of the farm each year.

This is a pilot programme, if it works we aim to fund school farms throughout Butaleja.