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The joy of a tap

As we saw in the recent storms, it rains a lot in Butaleja. When rain comes it is usually in abundance, turning roads to rivers and transforming dry landscapes to masses of green. At these times every pot and pan in the household will be brought out to collect water for washing, drinking and farming (although the rain is giving the fields a pretty good water too!) However the rain is irregular, and often the people of Butaleja can be left months without this vital resource

Water tank 1


At these times, and at all times when it comes to clean drinking water, people have to rely on stored water which is why a little bit of HOPE has been working to make sure that boreholes in the area are fixed. This year we are taking things one step further and attempting to bring stored water into homes.
Working with the Busolwe Health Workers Association we are piloting a project to provide 50 homes with water storage tanks (complete with stand, tap and bowl). People will be able to fill up these tanks so they have water readily available in their homes for all their needs. This is useful for two reasons; firstly it is convenient to have water on-tap. Imagine having to go and seek out water every time you wanted it.


Secondly, families are often limited in the amount of water they are able to store by the number of jerry cans they own. If they are able to empty these jerry cans into their water storage tank then they can collect water all in one go rather than having to make many trips to the borehole as the requirements for water demand. This allows families to plan when they collect water. As it is often children that do this job it means they can do it at a time that is convenient for them, stopping it from getting in the way of their schooling.


If this pilot project is successful then it may become a more permanent part of the work carried out by the Health Workers Association in the future.