The IT Crowd…

When it comes to computers, I’ll be the first to admit that for someone who uses one every day, my understanding of all things electrical is pretty shoddy! My go-to fix-all is to simply turn things off and on again when they start acting up and while this often does the trick, I must admit it hardly compensates for my dire lack of technological nous.

Happily for the community of Busolwe, a little bit of HOPE is working hard to ensure that local individuals are not limited to these less-than-impressive computer skills. In the hope of increasing computer literacy, a little bit of HOPE hosts regular IT training courses at the local library for anyone wishing to gain proficiency in this area.

With classes including sessions on Word, Excel, Power Point and Publisher (not to mention basic internet use), our goal is to offer quality training in order to provide individuals with solid computer competency and expand their knowledge of various software packages. This in turn equips community members with modern communication skills, helping to increase their independence; all of which has huge implications for their education and employment.

Rachel Uganda-781This ICT learning environment has proved extremely popular within the community and 30 people have registered for our most recent course! In his last update, our project leader Kenneth, shared his excitement and delight at the number of people eager to get involved. He was also thrilled to report that the team recently managed to secure a partnership with Busolwe Senior Secondary school who have kindly offered us the opportunity to use their computers in our school-based training.

Another exciting development was the addition of new electrical materials. Late last year we were able to purchase two extension cables to be used alongside the two computers we reserve for classes. It is thanks to your continued support and generosity that we were able to obtain these resources and we are incredibly grateful!

Our next course will start this month and with the new materials available (and the huge wave of support and enthusiasm that has been expressed) we are confident that it will be an exciting and encouraging experience for both the participants and instructors alike. We firmly believe that computer literacy is a very necessary asset to any individual and would love to increase the resources available for this project. If you would like to be part of this empowering program, please get in touch or go to to find out more.