School farms shaping futures

Last week, we had the privilege of receiving an incredibly encouraging email from Fred, our Project Coordinator and Agricultural Expert at a little bit of HOPE (Uganda). He tells the story of a student whose access to school lunches made a bigger impact on his life than we may have expected. 


“What has put a smile on my face is the story of Abubakali, a former final-year pupil of Mugulu Primary School. A few months ago he told me of his hopes to gain a first grade in his final exams, especially with the help of school lunches. Well he has not let me down! Abubakali was one of the best performers in the district and is graduating to secondary school this year! Mugulu Integrated Primary School (Abubakali’s primary school) actually emerged as the fourth best performer throughout Butaleja District in the recent results.

In these photos you can see Abubakali sitting in the chair and then with his Headmaster and friends, Juma and Shafiki who also achieved first grades in their examinations this year. They were all very grateful for the commitment of their headmaster, who made them have school lunches up to the day of their final exams. Abubakali was particularly grateful for the support given to their school by a little bit of HOPE to their school farm project. He aspires to be a doctor in the future!”

abu and friendsThe story of Abubakali is one that we hope to become true for all children in Butaleja District. The link between school farms and students achieving better results may not be immediately obvious, and school lunches don’t guarantee academic success for every child. However, we know that better nutrition leads to better concentration, which enables children to really try their best at school and achieve the potential they all have.

We’ve also seen an increase in pupil enrolment and attendance in the schools that currently have farms. Busolwe Primary and Mugulu Integrated Primary School have registered an increase in attendance since they started developing the farms on their schools. When parents know their child will receive a lunch, they want their child to go to school! This means more children are attending school regularly and, most importantly, receiving an education. We believe education is key to enabling families to break from the cycle of poverty.

Thank you for helping to support our school farms project. Together, we can give more children like Abubakali the chance to complete their education and shape their own futures. 

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