School farms: Drake’s story

Last year, we posted this blog on our new school farms project and this week we want to take the opportunity to share with you some exciting updates. Under Fred’s diligent guidance these farms have thrived and we now have over 900 children receiving at least one meal a day provided by on-site farms! These are hugely encouraging statistics which were re-enforced by Ivan’s most recent visit to Mugulu Integrated Primary School.

During his time there, Ivan was able to talk with many of the students and observe their contribution to the daily running of the farms (and their subsequent enjoyment of the resulting meals!). One conversation in particular, with 13 year-old Drake, stuck out.  We would like to share his story with you today.

Drake Jonah Fuuna is from Mugulu central village and a student at the local primary school where he recently passed his Primary Leavers Exams with flying colours (a huge achievement which will allow him to begin the process of applying to secondary schools). Talking with Ivan, he explained how the farm at his school impacted not only his performance in exams, but enhanced his overall academic experience.

 “I studied so hard because I wanted to please my mother and teachers,” Drake explained to Ivan. “Though my mother is a widow, she struggled hard and supported me with the necessary scholastic materials while at school. My teachers supported me and from our gardens we produced food and we were able to have breakfast, lunch and supper on time while at school throughout the whole of 3rd term at a time when we were preparing for our final exams and this enabled me particularly to concentrate in class, read hard and excel in my final exams. I want to study hard and be an engineer.’’ 

“I greatly thank God for giving me wisdom to excel in my exams’’ He added.

We are absolutely blown away by Drake’s perseverance and inspiring approach to life. It is a huge privilege to be part of his story, and many others like it, as we continue to work towards making mid-day meals a guaranteed reality for all school children in the Butaleja district. If you would like to get involved with this project, please click here to find out how.