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Say hello to… Fred!






Second up in our ongoing ‘meet the team’ blog series is the amazing Fred Were. We will let him introduce himself…

My name is Fred and I’ve been working for a little bit of HOPE as a Project Manager since February 2014. I started by mainly working with our School Farm projects, as I have a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture from Gulu University in the Northern part of Uganda. I now also spend time helping to manage other projects too, such as Smokeless Stoves, Apprenticeships, Vulnerable Groups, and OVC (Orphans & Vulnerable Children) care. 

One of the things I love most about working for a little bit of HOPE is that we see a little resource go a long way. A small input or change can cause amazing transformation in many people’s lives. I live in Buteleja, amongst many of the families who benefit from our work, so I have the privilege of being able to witness the difference it makes to them.

Outside of a little bit of HOPE, I’m still putting my Agriculture degree to good use, as I spend some of my free time delivering food security & disaster risk training, and take part in some commercial agriculture. I really enjoy public speaking at parties and weddings as Master of Ceremony, I jog every Saturday morning, and spend a few hours each week at church evening fellowship after work. I am a soccer fan so watch games on weekends, but also take time to watch science documentaries.

My future dreams are to have a successful family and be part of the great politics of this country, because it’s politics that influences a lot.

Being a soccer fan, I find peace when my team Arsenal FC is on good winning ways!

We are so grateful for Fred. Not just for his hard work, but the way he goes about it; always with a huge smile on his face and a real passion to see lives changed for the better.