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Phil and Hannah are heading back to Uganda

Next month Phil and Hannah, both Trustees of a little bit of HOPE, will be visiting Butaleja*. There are a number of ways you might be able to help them further the work of a little bit of HOPE (Uganda) while they are there.   

Hannah will be there for four weeks, conducting more research for her PhD and spending a lot of time with the administrator of a little bit of HOPE (Uganda) – exploring project possibilities and developing effective monitoring and evaluation procedures, to ensure the money given in the UK is being put to good use in Uganda. Meanwhile, Phil will be in Uganda for two weeks and has a pretty intensive teaching programme with the Busolwe Pentecostal Church. He will also be working with Ivan, the Chair of the Board of a little bit of HOPE (Uganda) to ensure that the charity is functioning in the best possible way, and spending time with individuals and groups who want to apply for money to set up income generating and community development projects.


Can you help us fix two broken boreholes?
It’s hard to stress just how important clean drinking water is! Our top fundraising priority at the moment is to raise £350 to fix two broken boreholes which will ensure that people have an easy accessible source of clean drinking water. We’re desperate to raise this money before the 1st June. Read more | Give

Can you help people generate an income?
People in Uganda love photographs – especially of family occasions – christenings, graduations, weddings, and interestingly, funerals as well! However, not many people have a camera; therefore, being a photographer is a great way of generating income. Phil and Hannah are hoping to take over some basic digital cameras with them, therefore if you have an old digital camera (which is still in good working order) that you don’t use anymore, a little bit of HOPE (Uganda) could put it to good use! Contact us and we’ll arrange collecting it from you or give you address to post it to us. Of course, we’ll also accept donations of new digital cameras (you can purchase a basic one for less than £50).

We’ve also received applications for grants to enable local people to start some great projects – a carpenter wants to train apprentices, one man wants to make soap and sell it to schools (along with educating children about the importance of hand washing) and a lady wants to start keeping chickens so she can raise money to support the vulnerable children she cares for. To provide grants to all of these projects we need to raise £1000.  If you can, please give.


Can you help us buy more beds for orphans?
Over the past couple of weeks another four children have received beds at the Mulinda Orphans Home as a result of money that our generous supporters have given. This means that 20 orphans now have beds to sleep on, along with all important mosquito nets. Photos of this latest batch of beds can be seen on our Facebook page. However, 30 children still need beds, and it would be great if Hannah and Phil could tell these children that they won’t need to wait long.

15 bunk beds @ £50 each | 30 mattresses @ £12 each | 15 mosquito nets @ £3 each | 30 pillows @ £3 each | 30 blankets @ £5 each | 60 sheets @ £3 each.

This means that we still need to raise a total of approximately £1575. (It’s approximate because the exchange rate is highly volatile!) Please consider giving a small gift that will make such a big difference to the lives of some of the most vulnerable children in the world.


* No money given to a little bit of HOPE will be used to cover the cost of any aspect of their trip!