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Never forget

As a further eight children get beds at Mulinda Orphanage (16 down, 34 to go!), Izzy Bloomfield recalls her visit to the orphanage.

I’ll never forget the couple of days we spent at Mulinda Orphanage while we were in Uganda for a few weeks last summer.

We were shown around the orphanage and adjoining school and I remember feeling so overwhelmed as we looked in to the classrooms and were presented with bare rooms, floors covered with broken bricks and maybe one wooden bench that a few luckier children could enjoy.

The two small bedrooms slept around 50 children between them, all on the floor with some old straw mats or blankets. I remember thinking that it was worse than I could have imagined. It goes to show though, that before then, I couldn’t imagine children living in those conditions (and actually, the children in the orphanage are fortunate compared to many children in the surrounding villages). For me, it was about my imagination, for them it was, and is, their everyday reality.

I kept a journal throughout our time in Uganda and at the end of our days at the orphanage I wrote about not wanting to leave as I felt there was so much more to be done. I worried that going home would be “leaving it all behind and forgetting about everything and everyone”.

Seeing photos of new beds arriving at the orphanage has been amazing, and reminds me of how I felt so hopeless at the time for those children and their situation. They might seem like ‘only beds’, but for me personally, their arrival – thanks to your generous donations – has also been a lesson in teaching me not to be so pessimistic (!) and to trust that, in spite of a few thousand miles, we can make a difference.

This is the second ‘batch’ of beds a little bit of HOPE have enabled Mulinda Orphanage to purchase. The money to purchase the four bunk beds and eight mattresses was given directly to a little bit of HOPE (Uganda) from a group in Denmark. We would like to thank this group for their generosity. a little bit of HOPE in the UK provided the money to purchase the accompanying mosquito nets, pillows, blankets and sheets.

Izzy is studying International Development at London Metropolitan University, and is one of the founding trustees of a little bit of HOPE.