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The treasure of a house: Mary’s story

We’ve been supporting widows since the very first days of a little bit of HOPE.

One of our ‘approaches’ as an organisation is to support the poorest of the poor, and, sadly, these women very much find themselves within that group. They are resilient, resourceful and manage to find unconventional joy in the unexpected places. The way our brilliant team in Uganda have supported and empowered them has changed over the years, but the aim and the approach remain the same. Starting early on with regular visits and simple gifts such as cooking oil and jerri cans, to building new houses and providing business training, our central aim has always been to find sustainable ways to help these widows meet their needs.

Our next two blog posts give an insight into the lives of two widows who have been a part of this journey over the last eight years.

This week, we hear from Mary*…

My name is Mary, I’m 76 years old and live in the village of Bugosa in Butaleja District. I’m a member of the Yesu Agaba widows group supported by a little bit of HOPE (Uganda).

I’m so happy, excited and thankful for the generous support a little bit of HOPE has given me. It started with the visits their group made to my home, always bringing gifts with them such as sugar, salt, soap, matches and tea leaves. I’ve also received hampers at Christmas which find me in a lot of need and bring so much joy to me in those times. Some time later, I was given one goat, but now have five because it has continued to multiply! I hope to get a herd out of it and therefore be able to live a life of no fear since I will be assured of drinking milk every day. I’ll also be able to earn a little income through selling some of the milk they produce.

I cannot forget the treasure of a house that you built for me; it enables me to sleep so comfortably. And the basic needs, like mattresses, nets and jerri cans add a smile to my face every time I see them. I had never imagined what it would be like to sleep in a cemented house on a mattress, because for my whole life I was living in a leaking grass-thatched house, sleeping on a papyrus mat.

Long live a little bit of HOPE, for you have changed my life. May God bless you always – that is my prayer.

If you would like to become a hope-giver and help change more lives like Mary’s, we’d love you to consider setting up a regular gift to support our work. You can find out more and give here. Thank you. 


*not her real name