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Malita’s story

Malita was given a rainwater harvesting tank for her home. She explains why it means so much to her and her family….???????????????????????????????

“My name is Malita and I’m from Namuhoho village in Butaleja District. I have one son and three daughters who I support on my own since I am a widow. My daughters are married, although their marriages can often be difficult, so I have five of their children living with me under my roof. My son has epilepsy and also lives in my home with the grandchildren. Because of his condition, he struggles to help with domestic work, especially fetching water. I’m afraid to send him to the stream to collect water, incase his epilepsy causes him to fall in and be injured, or even die. I occasionally fetch water from a borehole, but sometimes have to wait for four hours because the queue is always so big. I don’t like doing this as I can’t leave my grandchildren and my son on their own for very long. We use water for so many things such as cooking, drinking, bathing, washing clothes, cleaning pots, and can’t live without it.

Collecting it has been a big strain on our family life, especially as I have been the only one able to do it, as well as all the other household chores.

Since we have had the rainwater harvesting tank installed in our home, things have been so much easier. I’m very happy and grateful for the tank, as it means I have water almost all the time. Even if it doesn’t rain for a while, we can fill the tank ourselves if we need to, and use the tap when we need the water. I no longer have to leave my son to go for hours to collect water.

Thank you a little bit of HOPE.”

We’d love to be able to give more people like Malita a rainwater harvesting system so they no longer have to rely on busy, faraway boreholes or unclean, unsafe streams. If you’d like to help us make this possible, please get in touch, or visit our give page.