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Keeping girls in education

Many girls in rural Uganda drop out of school early when they start their periods. Last week, a little bit of HOPE (Uganda) organised for a women’s group to learn to make sanitary towels out of materials that can be purchased locally.

School drop-out is a big problem in rural Uganda, and the rate is usually highly for girls than boys. There are many reasons for this, however, periods and the fact that sanitary towels are unaffordable is high on the list. As a first step, a little bit of HOPE provided funds for a women’s group at Busolwe Library to be taught how to make reusable sanitary towels. The session was led by a Peace Corps volunteer from the USA. The towels are cheap, easy to make and hygienic.

The women now hope to use their new found skill not only to make sanitary towels for themselves and other women in their families, but as a way of generating income. They also hope to pass on the learning to girls in schools, so they are able to make their own sanitary towels. a little bit of HOPE (Uganda) is exploring how we can best support these ideas.