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It’s about more than beds

This year, our number one aim is to raise money to ensure that by Christmas all 50 children at the Busolwe (formerly Mulinda) Orphans Home and Rescue for Aids Victim have beds, bedding and life-saving mosquito nets. Thanks to the generous support from so many people, 36 children are now sleeping comfortably and safely.

However, behind the beds is perhaps a more significant story. The orphanage is run by local people, and they are working hard to provide shelter, love, a family-like environment, and an education for some of Uganda’s poorest and most vulnerable children – from both Christian and Muslim backgrounds. This is exactly the sort of project that a little bit of HOPE seeks to support.

This year, while we’ve been providing beds, a lot of other changes have been taking place at the orphanage. A (high-spec!) latrine has been built, the playground’s been levelled, they’ve made play equipment, created maps of Uganda out of stones (see photo) and are constructing a fence around the ground to keep the children in, and unwanted guests out. However, it’s the behind the scenes changes that are even more significant. As well as providing beds, a little bit of HOPE have provided training and enabled key staff and management team to visit a more established orphanage. As a result, they are now working a lot more closely with the local government, they’re improving their management structure, and they are doing more to ensure the children in their care are given a more family-like upbringing. Time and time again we’ve been amazed at how far a little training goes.

There’s a long way to go, but it’s great to see the speed that Busolwe Orphanage is moving forward and developing. We plan to continue to walk with them on this journey.

We will continue to provide training opportunities and our team in Uganda is currently exploring how we can best support the orphanage next year. Ideas being considered include raising money to enable them to construct a purpose built orphanage (they’ve been given land), providing a source of safe water that isn’t several kilometres away, or providing the school attached to the orphanage with more resources to increase the standard of education the children are receiving.

Thank you for enabling us to give these children a little bit of hope, but it’s important that the management team and staff of Busolwe Orphanage get credit for all the hard work they are doing.