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How Higenyi used a small loan to make some big changes

IMG_5899Our small loan schemes are run by four local churches whom a little bit of HOPE provided with training and initial funds. This year we are spending some time thinking about the structure of our small loan schemes, how they can be improved and hopefully rolled out in other churches and organisations later on in the year. We’ll keep you updated on that.

In the meantime, here’s the story of one man whose life has already been impacted by his involvement in one of our small loan schemes.

Higenyi has been involved in farming for many years and has always grown eggplants and maize on a small scale, growing just enough food to feed his family. After borrowing £50 from his local small loan group, he bought eggplant seeds and more land to expand his farm. When it came to harvest time, Higenyi was able to quickly sell his produce and build up a reputation for growing good quality crops. People would travel from other villages further afield just to buy his produce! As well as selling eggplants in small bundles, Higenyi has established good relationships with local tradesmen and women who buy in bulk, ready to sell on at the market or in their shops.

Higenyi’s hard-work has enabled him to further expand his land, buy two piglets and support his family, as well as pay back his loan and interest to the group. The interest that Higenyi pays on his loan means that the group loan fund is expanded and more people can borrow to start a new sustainable business or expand an existing one. Higenyi thanked a little bit of HOPE for funding their small loan group. He says it has given him “hope for life” and is so glad that he chose to borrow a loan and invest it in his farming business.

Here’s a short video that explains how our small loan schemes work: small loan short film.

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