Health, water and sanitation programmes

Community-Led Total Sanitation (CLTs) programme
Educating communities in hygiene and sanitation, through a group-led model. Our team empower communities to ensure that every household within them has access to good sanitation facilities, e.g. pit latrines, hand washing facilities and rubbish pits. Through the sustainable, self-led programme, households utilise easy-to-access materials from within the community to create and use these facilities, along with training and education from our team. Communities that take part in the CLTs programme are at a much lower risk of experiencing outbreaks of sanitation-related diseases.

Smokeless stoves
Most rural households cook in smoky huts on inefficient stoves. This year we’ll be continuing to teach schools and community groups how to make smokeless stoves and briquettes. The stoves have proven a real success over the last few years, providing more efficient, environmentally friendly, and cheaper ways of cooking, without the health risks caused by burning wood on the traditional stoves in an enclosed space.

WASH (Water, Sanitation & Hygiene) programme
In 2019 we are educating 20 schools on the importance of sanitation, helping pupils to fully engage in positive hygiene and sanitation practices. Other important issues are covered within the programme, such as nutrition, gender-based violence and family planning. Children are empowered to make a difference for themselves, and also encourage their peers, through demonstrations, community cleaning, dramas, debates and competitions.

Borehole fixing
We work with communities to fix broken boreholes. If a borehole stops working people often have to walk several kilometres to the nearest working boreholes. However, many choose to use unsafe water instead. It is often children who collect water, so a longer walk to the borehole can mean less time spent in school. In 2019 we plan to provide 3600 households access to clean drinking water through the programme.  [Watch a video about our borehole fixing programme]