Health, water and sanitation programmes 2016

Education programme
We will continue supporting the work of the Busolwe Health Workers Association as they educate families on a range of health issues. These include basic hygiene, water safety and nutrition. [Read articles about our work with the Busolwe Health Workers Association]


Smokeless stoves
Most rural households cook in smoky huts on inefficient stoves. This year we’ll be teaching people how to make smokeless stoves and briquettes. The aim will be to encourage people to set up small income generating projects to make the stoves and briquettes and sell them – that way we hope the idea will spread throughout the area more quickly.


Latrine building
In 2013 we helped 31 families construct a pit latrine. Last year we didn’t build any because we wanted to evaluate the programme. In December, we visited all 31 latrines to check they were still standing strong and were benefiting the families. They were! So, in 2016, we will start helping more families build latrines for themselves. When possible, the families dig the pit and provide sand – we provide everything else. [Read articles about our latrine building programme]


Borehole fixing
We will continue working with communities to fix broken boreholes. If a borehole stops working people often have to walk several kilometres to the nearest working boreholes. However, many choose to use unsafe water instead. It is often children who collect water, so a longer walk to the borehole can mean less time spent in school. [Watch a video about our borehole fixing programme]