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This is why we give hampers at Christmas (Annette’s story)

Annette* is a 78 year old widow from Mulagi village who received a hamper last Christmas. This is what she had to say when our team presented her with her gift…


“I am so happy, very excited and proud to be honoured with a surprise visit from friends at a little bit of HOPE on this day. I was not expecting any visitor. I’m so grateful for the hampers that have added a big smile on my face, as such gifts are rare in my life. I had no hope of receiving anything from anybody for Christmas being that I have no close relatives and I thank God for a little bit of HOPE that has blessed me today with these!

I stay alone in my humble house, I lost my husband way back, and my children all died as well. In fact, I had no expectations that anyone could buy me anything for Christmas. Thank you people for being my friends and I know this Christmas will be the very best in my life.”

*not her real name

To donate this year and give more widows and families the gift of a hamper, please visit our donation page.

Thank you so much for helping us give hope to those who need it more than we could imagine.