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Finding creative solutions to the problem of poverty

a little bit of HOPE is in great shape! In the UK we are now a registered charity (Gift Aid forms will be available soon) and we’re on target to raise our year one target of £12,000 (although we’re not there yet, so if you have not yet set up a standing order, now would be a great time to do so). As Hannah and Phil spend time in Uganda, they are pleased to report that the a little bit of HOPE (Uganda) team are doing a great job, and the money you have so generously given is bringing little bits of hope to a lot of people.We never want to get complacent and we are always going to be seeking to drive the work of a little bit of HOPE forward and we are increasingly keen to find creative and innovative solutions to poverty. Research shows that these kind of solutions come from the people on the ground, not people who are thousands of miles away. Therefore we want to raise the money so a little bit of HOPE (Uganda)can employ a Project Coordinator*, the role of this person will be three fold:– Generate ideas: This person will spend most of their time out and about, identifying problems and finding possible solutions.

– Find people: The Project Coordinator in many ways will be a people coordinator, they’ll be looking for people who have innovative ideas and then will offer these people support.

– Coordinate and Equip: Finally, this person will oversee all the grants that a little bit of HOPE gives to community development projects. They will support people as they plan, implement, evaluate and develop their projects.

Initially we want to fund this post for a trial period for four months, but we have every intention that this will turn into a permanent position. We are currently budgeting £100 a month for this exciting new role, and we have already allocated 70% of the money. Therefore, we just need to find another £30 a month. If you are able to give £5, £10 or £20 a month toward this, it would propel the work of a little bit of HOPE to the next level.

* If you are following the development of a little bit of HOPE closely you might be thinking that this is a deviation from our plan. It’s a tweak rather than a deviation! We had considered employing a business advisor, this appointment would be, for the time being, instead of that. The role is in some respects similar, however, the role of Project Coordinator better reflects what’s needed at the moment.
Also, the employment of a Project Coordinator will not hold up the employment of a Health Worker. We’re currently ensuring that we put together the right job description and recruit the best person for the Health Worker role.