Employment Excellence

You might be surprised by this, but nearly all offices in Uganda are extremely well organised.

We are making every effort possible to ensure that a little bit of HOPE (Uganda) is an excellent employer.

This began when we employed our administrator Josephine with a fair and thorough recruitment process, which even the local government praised us for.

Josephine not only has a contract (relatively rare in rural Uganda), but it includes provisions for paid holiday, sick leave, maternity benefits, medical expenses, redundancy, and we even cover the cost of dying.  (All within well defined perimeters!)

The latest stage in the process is registering Josephine with the Ugandan equivalent of our National Insurance scheme. And a little bit of HOPE (Uganda) will be making their contributions as employers. This will increase our running costs by about £10 a month, but will benefit Josephine in her old age!

a little bit of HOPE (Uganda) has always been registered as a Community Based Organisation at the local level, but we’re now in the final stages of registering it nationally,  as an NGO. This process has been fraught with difficulty and we are delighted at the work our team in Ugandan have put into this.