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The gift of training: Deborah’s story

In our last blog post we shared Mary’s story, and how the treasure of a house impacted her life in ways more than she could have hoped for. 

This week we want to tell you about Deborah*. Deborah is another of the widows who has been supported in a number of ways by our team, her community, and the local church. One of the programmes she has taken part in is Savings Training – where members are given information and training on how they can save their money, and can benefit from a group savings scheme. She was also given access to agricultural training, helping her to learn good farming techniques, sustainable vegetable production, and the opportunity to go on educational trips. This training and education, along with a few items such as a spray pump and seeds, have helped Deborah get her feet off the ground and become much more self-sustaining when it comes to providing
food for herself and her family.

Deborah shared with us:

“My home and my life have greatly improved thanks to the knowledge and support I have received through the training programmes. I no longer go out to search for vegetables but grow them myself and sell some to earn money. I’m now a trainer in smokeless stoves for other group members, and also earn money by doing some basic gardening for others in the community. I now feel empowered as a widow and know that I can strive to live a better life than I had before. Thank you for the change and hope you have given me.”

We love the fact that Deborah is now training others with her skills in smokeless stove building. Last year our team trained 200 individuals to build smokeless stoves, including staff and pupils at 12 schools that have school farms. The stoves can either be made from local, free materials such as soil, clay and water, or cement and sand. The energy-saving stoves are easy to construct once you know how, use less wood and give out a lot less smoke than traditional cooking stoves.

We have so much admiration for Deborah and others like her, whose hard work and perseverance not only better their own lives but give hope and support to others in their community.

Thank you for helping us to equip and empower amazing women like Deborah. 

*not her real name