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An urgent appeal: Uganda is in lockdown again





The schools throughout Uganda are once again empty as the country has been locked down to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Unlike in 2020, where the virus did not seem to take root in Uganda, this time it is spreading rapidly. The schools are empty, but the hospitals are overflowing. And as we’ve seen in so many other countries around the world, the death toll is rising.

In 2020, supporters of a little bit of HOPE generously provided almost £15,000 for us to support the people of Butaleja District as they were impacted by lockdown. This support enabled us to run provide education and information to prevent the virus spreading, we provided essential supplies to the hospital, we fixed boreholes so people could access clean water, and we provided food parcels to people who were at risk of going hungry. Since then, we’ve refocused many of on ongoing programmes to enable people to rebuild their lives post-lockdown.

But we all know that just as you think life is moving on, another wave hits. We’ve seen the images from countries like Brazil and India, and there’s the very real concern that many African countries – including Uganda, are facing something similar.

Once again, our team is ready to step up to support the people of Butaleja District – they’ll be working close with the local governments COVID-19 taskforce, and the hospital, to ensure that our efforts are well coordinated alongside other NGOs and the government activities.

Would you be able to make a donation to support the people of Butaleja District at this time?



Our plans include:

  • Education: get the message out that COVID-19 is spreading throughout Uganda this time and explain to people what they can do to prevent it’s spread. Our staff are respected by local people, so they are more likely to listen to them.
  • Reducing domestic violence and violence against children: This was a serious problem during the first lockdown and resulted in a sharp increase in the number of teenage pregnancies. This will be a specific component of our education programme.
  • Providing essential supplies: For example, soup, sanitiser, gloves and handwashing facilities – particularly to local treatment centres.
  • Food: With so many people who rely on daily income to provide daily food, we once again want to provide families with much needed sustenance.
  • Water: We have identified several broken boreholes that we want to get fixed ASAP – to stop people having to travel so far for water, and to enable more handwashing.

We would like to thank you for your generosity during the first lockdown, it enabled us to support 1000s of people. If you’re able to, would you enable us to once again provide urgent support to people whose lives have been turned upside down, and are at risk, as a result of COVID-19. The more money we’re able to raise, the more people will be able to support.

If you’re able to make a life-saving donation, you can do so now by visiting our campaign page. Thank you.