“I’m now able to stand on my own as a widow and I no longer have to beg.”

This Christmas we are helping to rebuild livelihoods after what has been an incredibly difficult year for people around the world, including families in Butaleja, Uganda. By donating to our appeal this year, you will be investing in the livelihoods and futures of some of Uganda’s most vulnerable women. 

Help women like Esther become self sustainable by accessing agricultural training, seeds and tools so they’re able to grow more crops for themselves and earn a living. 

Help women like Maria learn a trade in making crafts and selling vegetables and have access to savings and small loans groups to enable them to collectively save and invest in their own small businesses. 

Help young mothers like Hasifa access our Apprenticeship programme so they can learn a skill whilst earning a living in local businesses such as hairdressing, tailoring or carpentry.

A gift of £5, £500 (or anything in between) will go a long way in helping to rebuild livelihoods in Butaleja for 2021 and beyond.

Thank you.