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You may know that each year we raise money to enable our team in Uganda to buy hampers for widows and other vulnerable women in the district. This Christmas we are doing the same, as well as raising more funds for our ongoing work that supports these amazing women.

Bars of soap, bags of rice and water containers probably don’t feature on your Christmas list this year, and they certainly don’t seem like the kind of gifts that you’d remember years later. However, for some of the incredible but vulnerable women in Butaleja District, this is a different story. The gifts in their hampers are simple, necessary items, but often mark the beginning of something more significant, as our local team get to know them, their needs, their skills, and their stories.

Anita* received a gift hamper last year and has also been a part of a local vulnerable women’s group who received agricultural training, amongst some other support. She shared with us:

“I am so grateful for all the support from a little bit of HOPE that has changed my home. I received some ground nuts last year which I planted and the first harvest produced six bags! I was so excited to see how high yielding these seeds were, and the second harvest produced even more – ten bags! I’m able to sell this produce, and the money I make helps me pay school fees for my children. Thank you for the efforts made to empower us.”

Anita also donated one of the bags she harvested to her vulnerable women’s group to help other members get started with their growing.

Please consider donating to our Christmas appeal this year to help more vulnerable women like Anita re-write not only their own story, but their children’s too. Your gift will not only buy a hamper for a vulnerable woman this Christmas, but will go towards our ongoing work with widows and vulnerable groups in Butaleja District in 2020.

Thank you.