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Cholera outbreak in Butaleja District

cholera child under care in Nabiganda HC IV


The disease has admitted 142 individuals to hospital and claimed 7 lives, although these are only cases that were recorded at hospital, which most people wouldn’t have been able to get to. The outbreak was initially caused by flooding and is easily spread by drinking untreated water, often contaminated by human waste, especially in households without a latrine. Children also contract the bacteria at school and bring it home to their families. The last few days has seen more flooding in the district, which is cause for growing concern of further outbreaks of cholera in the area.


Our new Health Worker, Henry, has been supporting families affected by the cholera epidemic, with healthcare and education on good hygiene and sanitation, to try and prevent further spread. We’ve also channelled some funds in order to fuel the hospital ambulance to take identified cholera cases in villages to the cholera isolation unit and the hospital for medical attention. We are in regular contact with the District Health Department to ensure that what we’re doing is complimenting their response and the response of other NGOs. (Child Fund International have been distributing drugs throughout the district and World Vision have provided some funds for social mobilisation).


  • Please pray that the recent flooding does not increase spread of the disease, and that the measures in place are effective in containing any outbreak.
  • Pray for the large number of families already impacted by the outbreak. For those that have family members in hospital awaiting treatment, and for those who have sadly lost loved ones.
  • Pray for those who cannot afford healthcare, or for whom transport to receive care is difficult. Pray that everyone who needs medical attention will be able to receive it.


If you are able to donate to our cholera appeal this would enable us to expand our health education programme which is now focusing on areas where cholera is an issue. Please give via our online giving page here, or find out other ways you can give here.

Thank you for standing with us as we aim to give the best support possible.