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Cate’s Gold Star Project: Busolwe Orphanage

This week we hear from Caty Fairweather. Cate graduated this year with a degree in Psychology from The University of Essex and is currently on a Graduate Teacher Programme in Suffolk. Here is Cate’s ‘Gold Star Project’ of 2012: Busolwe Orphanage…

My gold star project of 2012 has to be Busolwe Orphans Home and Rescue for Aids Victims. When I travelled to Busolwe in July 2011, one of the most shocking experiences for me was seeing how many children were sleeping in such a small space – sometimes there would be up to 17 children sleeping in an area the size of a small shed. I was horrified at the poverty in this area and was determined to help the situation.

In the past year, the orphanage has developed extensively. Thanks to some generous donations, we were able to purchase bunk beds for the children, so that they no longer had to sleep on blankets on the cold, stone floor but were able to enjoy a much more comfortable night’s sleep. There are many bunk beds in the orphanage now, which are changing the lives of the children there.

It was decided that we would never provide support for something which would interfere with the community support that the orphanage already received. The orphanage has a strong community support network, with the local people offering their time and resources to help these poor children. We never wanted to ruin this, and we haven’t. The charity has only supported the purchase of resources which the orphanage would never be able to source themselves, e.g. the bunk beds. Therefore, there is still a brilliant community network surrounding this special place, and we are also helping to develop it alongside this.

I have also been overwhelmed by the desire of those running the orphanage to improve it. All of the time they are looking for ways to make the lives better for these children, and to be able to provide an opportunity for them to do this makes me so happy. The orphanage are working closely to government agencies to ensure that they are providing the best care that they can and they are also in the process of building a new rooms – something that was just a dream when we first arrived.

This charity, through your support, can help to make real people’s dreams true, and Busolwe Orphans Home and Rescue for Aids Victims is proof of this and the difference that people can make to the lives of others. I am a trainee teacher in a primary school and this has reinforced to me how important every child’s life is – no matter where they live, or how much money they have – and we cannot sit back and let children’s precious lives be ruined. Every child is precious and deserves a chance at having a decent childhood. Thank you for supporting the charity and therefore allowing children in Busolwe to have an opportunity to experience what being a child should really be like.