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Carpenters learning life-lessons

We’re really pleased with how our carpentry apprenticeship programme is going, and are excited at the possibility of expanding into other areas over the coming year. 

Fred summarises his highlights from the project over the last few months:

  • Teaching the carpenters on the value of planting trees, under the simple campaign “Cut One Plant Three” community campaign, and distributing tree seedlings to plant.
  • Follow-up visits that have been really encouraging. The senior and junior carpenters are getting on really well, contributing to and benefiting from the apprenticeship scheme. The junior carpenters are learning and progressing lots, while expanding the potential of the senior carpenters’ businesses.
  • Delivering interpersonal skills and customer care training, having felt that the younger carpenters would benefit from some direction and encouragement on interacting with customers, and selling their skills.

We wouldn’t be able to deliver life-changing programmes like this without our amazing staff like Fred. Why not spend a moment praying for Fred, Ivan, Grace N, Grace L, and Isaac. For continued strength, passion, rest and time with family.

In the words of one of Fred: “All of this would have no meaning if it wasn’t for those who tiresomely donate money and resources, and pray, to see that a vulnerable group, child, or elderly person here in Butaleja sees meaningful hope. God bless you.”

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