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Butaleja open for business

Earlier this year, this satirical meme went viral after a comment made by one of the presidential candidates in the US elections. While the image itself is highly critical of such an exaggerated attitude, it does reflect an increasingly pervasive assumption that you need large amounts of money to make a difference in the world. a little bit of HOPE begs to differ which is why we established the Busabi PAG Small Loans Scheme. 

This scheme offers training and both practical and financial help to over 100 individuals (many of whom are farmers) and several small groups. The idea is that members of this scheme are divided into small groups where everyone sets aside small amounts of money regularly for other members to then access as a loan. The entire process, from financing the loans to deciding who can access what when, is managed internally by the group members themselves, a fact which allows everyone to take ownership of the decisions that are made and the work that is invested in.

Most recently, these members benefited from training provided by the Village Saving and Loans Association. Over 117 people were in attendance and the overall feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with many members feeling they came away from the day with a richer understanding of the loaning process, and the tools to help inform and equip others.

This scheme has helped countless individuals develop their own businesses and livelihoods in a secure, supportive and encouraging environment. It allows members to take control and offer a helping hand to one another all the while encouraging solidarity and accountability.

A little bit of HOPE provides funding for training and occasional small loans. We are so encouraged by the impact we have seen from this scheme and so grateful to all those supporting this project. If you would like to read more about how these small loans have huge impacts, you can read Higenyi’s story here.

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