Busolwe Library open for business

After a good ol’ clear out and a bit of a refresh, Busolwe Public Library is back up and running and  impacting the local community like never before!

Last month over 300 people visited the library, 200 of whom were there to catch up on current affairs by reading the daily newspaper. This may not seem like the greatest or glamorous of accomplishments, but it’s more than just news that people get from reading the paper. One regular visitor, Elijah, claims he can’t finish a day without visiting the library to read newspapers, and he even found a job advertised in one of them – a job that is now his!

Children are able to read and learn at the library, as well as make use of the games on offer there, with Ludo and Snakes & Ladders apparently proving the most popular! 26 students also gathered at the Library recently for a Scripture Union leaders’ meeting, so it’s great to see the library being used well for so many purposes.

One of the other projects held at the library is IT Training, using the three computers available there. Last month, seven students participated in a computer training course, which proved extremely helpful to them. David, a student at a local college said this was an amazing opportunity for him as it was his first time he’d ever used a computer. He’s studying computing at school, but sadly they don’t have any computers at his school and so they are only able to learn theory. Since he’s not able to put anything into practice at school, David was so appreciative of the training he received in computer basics at the library. Another local student, Victor, also massively valued the training as his school only has 3 computers for over 200 students studying computing.

We’ve been so excited to see how the library has grown its impact over the last few months and are really grateful for the support of friends in the UK that help make this possible.

The Library is clearly a much-needed and well-
loved resource for the people of Butaleja District.

So thank you.