Business and innovation programmes

VSLA (Village Savings and Loan Association) groups
Last year (2018), 480 individuals were empowered to save and access money through the VSLA initiative. Groups save together as a collective, providing access to small loans for people to start small, income-generating activities. We train and monitor the groups, who form committees, to ensure sustainability, accountability and opportunity for all members.

Apprenticeship programme
Equipping young adults with hands-on skills for a trade that will help them gain self-reliance. We partner experienced tradespeople (carpenters, hairdressers, tailors) with a small number of apprentices who train under the guidance and supervision of their trainee. Many of the apprentices have had to drop out of school early for a number of reasons, and are looking for an opportunity to learn a trade and support themselves. In 2018, 36 young mothers received hands-on training in hairdressing and tailoring. [Read more about our apprenticeship programme]

Business training
Working with experienced Ugandan trainers, we run courses for people who want to start small businesses to support their family and for existing business-owners who want to develop their businesses. In 2018, 60 community members received arts and crafts training, some of which are now selling their products at local markets. We have run this programme for a number of years now, and in 2019 will continue to increase access to the training, particularly for vulnerable women’s groups and families.  [Read more about our business training courses]