Business and innovation programmes 2016

Small Loans
Over the past three years we have helped establish four saving and small loan schemes run by churches. In 2015 we carefully looked at how the existing schemes were working. Such schemes are common in Uganda, and therefore even though all four groups had received the same training, the groups operate differently – based on ideas their members have picked up from elsewhere. Having identified what works well, and some of the pitfalls, we have been refining a model that we will promote. This year we plan to start more schemes using this improved model. [Watch a short film that explains how saving and small loan schemes work]

Apprenticeship programme
In 2014 we paired three trainee carpenters with experienced carpenters so they could learn more about their trade and the necessary business skills. This year, we’ll continue this programme and possibly start apprenticeships for other trades as well. [Read more about our apprenticeship programme]

Working with experienced Ugandan trainers, we’ll host courses for people who want to start small businesses to support their family and for existing business-owners who want to develop their businesses. [Read more about our business training courses]