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Bologi now has a future

A few months ago it looked like the best-case scenario for 15-year Bologi was that his leg would need to be amputated; the worst case was the infection could spread and be life threatening.

bologiWhen I was in Uganda last month I met with him and his dad. I expected Bologi to hobble up to me, and even though I had been told he had improved a lot, I still expected him to be in considerable pain. Therefore, when we arrived at their home and a teenage boy walked over to us to welcome us I presumed it was his brother! It wasn’t. It was Bologi.

a little bit of HOPE only spent a little over £100 so that Bologi could go to a hospital in a nearby town and receive treatment. The serious wound* in his leg is almost completely healed, and there is very little scarring. And when he walks there is not even the slightest limp.

A few months ago he was in constant and excruciating pain and his future looked bleak, or even non-existent. Now he has his whole life ahead of him, and both legs to walk boldly into what the future holds.

Thank you for enabling us to provide hope to people like Bologi.

* I was tempted to include a photo of Bologi’s wound, however, I won’t! I made a mistake of looking at the photos while I was eating my lunch…