a little bit of HOPE is a small charity with the vision of nurturing hope in the Butaleja District of Uganda by enabling people to overcome the hurdles that prevent them reaching their full potential.

Two charities, one mission

a little bit of HOPE (Uganda) is a registered NGO, with a board and staff team who are committed to enabling people in the Butaleja District to reach their full potential. Their passion, local knowledge, experience and expertise ensure that programmes are developed, implemented and monitored with compassion and competence. In fact, a little bit of HOPE (Uganda) is building a strong reputation in the region. Recently, some local government officials described us as ‘outstanding’ and are increasingly using our programmes as examples of good practice. 

a little bit of HOPE in the UK is a Charitable Trust. Our key activities are to raise awareness and funds, and ensure that the money raised is spent effectively.

The Trustees of a little bit of HOPE (UK), and the board and staff of a little bit of HOPE (Uganda) work closely to assess needs, decide priorities and develop programmes.

Our approach is simple, yet effective:

  • We focus our resources on the poorest of the poor.
  • We endeavour to promote sustainability, not dependency.
  • All the projects we fund are initiated and led by local people.
  • We provide training as well as money.
  • We take monitoring and evaluation seriously.
  • We account for every penny we spend.
  • We support people of all faiths, because our work is founded on Christian principles.

Take a look at some of our highlights from last year. 

In 2017 we changed our charity status from a Trust to a CIO. You can read more about this in our blog post.

We value your privacy and promise to keep the data you trust us with safe. You can read our privacy policy here.