a little bit of news

a little bit of NEWS | October 2016

angus-and-eliza-in-traditional-dress“Having been involved with the charity for a few years and heard about the impact a little bit of HOPE has made, we felt it was time to go and see first-hand as many projects as we could and experience a good dose of Ugandan culture. We did not quite know what we were letting ourselves in for; 2 weeks, 14 project visits, 3 churches, 1 traditional Ugandan Introduction Ceremony and hundreds of handshakes later, I think we can safely say we achieved this and more!”

If you want to find out about Angus and Eliza’s trip to Uganda, read the rest of their brilliant account in October’s a little bit of news.

This edition is full of stories and updates on smokeless stoves, boreholes, one of our newest team members, and international trips!

There are loads of exciting things happening in Butaleja, so we hope this update gives you a glimpse into how a little bit of HOPE is helping change lives in the district.

Read a little bit of NEWS here. (Left click to open, right click to download).