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a little bit of news | january 2012

The first a little bit of HOPE newsletter is now available; there will be one approximately every other month. This first a little bit of news provides an overview of everything we would like to do in 2012.

As we entered a New Year there was a sense of apprehension as well as expectation. 2012 has long been billed as the year the world will end, it’s going to be a year of government spending cuts, more high street names going into administration, and depending on who you listen to there’s the prospect of entering a double dip recession and the collapse of the Euro. However, it’s not all doom and gloom. We have the Olympics and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee (accompanied by an extra Bank Holiday!) to look forwards to. And, if you’re a football fan there’s the Euro Championship.

Life in rural Uganda is very different, as are the fears and hopes of the people. This year we want to do everything we can to bring hope to people in Butaleja District. We would like to thank so many of you reading this for already getting involved in our work. You are all hope givers.

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