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A day in the life of… Josephine.

Josephine is Office Administrator and Project Coordinator for a little bit of HOPE (Uganda). She’s 28 years old, married to Peter and mother to their 10 month old son, Prosper. Born in Kampala, Josephine studied a bachelors degree in Sports Science at Makerere University. (She still wonders how a Sports Scientist can be an Administrator!) Here is what Josephine gets up to, in her own words…

Josephine and Prosper

Josephine, how did you begin to work for a little bit of HOPE (Uganda)? Well, there was an advert that ran asking for an administrator. I had been jobless for about a month or so after my 4 month contract as a research assistant for Butaleja Malaria Study Project had ended. I was living with a dear Aunt when a good friend (who later became my husband) called me and informed me about the advert. In a few days, I got a taxi to Butaleja, filled in the application and submitted it in on the very last day. Luckily, I was shortlisted and called for the interviews, passed and here I am, the Administrator.

Can you describe some of your day-to-day activities? Well, I manage the accounts. I ensure that they are updated and balanced on a day-to-day basis to ensure that nothing goes amiss! I update the folder information for all staff and projects to see to it that they tally. At the end of the month, I work on that month’s financial spreadsheets and file tax returns and the social security c-speed schedules. I read and respond to my emails at least everyday and update of all the projects to see those that need funding that week so that the requisitions for monies are made in time. I supervise my projects. I like to get involved although I give space to those that I’m working with to breathe. These are The Health Workers’ education and sensitisation programme in villages, teaching the girls how to make re-usable sanitary towels together with the library women. I’m working on the rain water harvest and safe drinking household water tanks. So I’m in charge of purchasing the tanks, stands and other materials and supervising the installation. I also organise Board meetings, staff meetings and Annual General Meetings plus write the minutes.

What is your favourite thing about working for a little bit of HOPE (Uganda)? I have said this before and I’ll say it again. I enjoy working with the young girls in the RUMPS (Re-usable Menstrual Pads) programme because it is fun, exciting and educative at the same time. There is visible hope as the girls get to learn an alternative for their beautiful time of the month.  And then administratively, I love working on the accounts. I’m surprised that I have loved it but I do and it is something that I enjoy to do. 

rumps girls large

What have you learnt whilst working for a little bit of HOPE (Uganda)? I have learnt how to network and interact with people from different walks of life. Here in Butaleja, people are very different in their classes so I have learnt to deal with them depending on their different levels and with a lot of respect as well.  

What is your best memory from your time with a little bit of HOPE (Uganda) so far? There are several memories but the best is seeing the smiles of people in Hamila and Nanjere villages after they had received pit latrines courtesy of a little bit of HOPE. There is this particular gentleman who practically knelt down to give thanks for he had never owned a pit latrine. I still remember him, he’s called John.

What are your hopes for the future of a little bit of HOPE? And what are your hopes for your own future? I really hope that that our vision can be seen being fulfilled in the lives of people in the furthest ends of the District. Seeing the girls stay in school and obtaining good grades without being hampered by their periods or other solvable issues. Personally, I hope to save some funds so that I can do an accounts and administrative course. I also hope to build a house together with my husband so that our children can have space big enough to play from.

We hope you’ve enjoyed gaining an insight into life at a little bit of HOPE (Uganda), from Josephine’s perspective. Next time we’ll be hearing from Fred, our Agricultural Expert. If you’d like to support our staff in any way, please contact izzy@alittlebitofhope.org