2017: Challenges, change and champions

2017 was another great year for a little bit of HOPE, full of challenges, change and champions. As we reflect on the last 12 months, there is so much to be thankful for – and even more to spur us on for 2018. 

Below are some of the highlights and updates from 2017. These are possible thanks to the innovation and determination of our wonderful staff team and local people in Uganda, as well as the generosity of supporters cheering them on from the UK.

a little bit of HOPE (Uganda) has moved offices! They have moved out of the trading centre which was dusty, noisy and prone to interruptions, to a quieter compound about 5km away which also houses the Wycliffe project of Bible translation. The move has been good for the team but not without its challenges. The offices are in need of renovation and we are having to work out a new system of Internet connection as the current method does not work in this more rural location.

At the end of last year the team held an AGM. This was well attended and lots of positive feedback was given about the work that a little bit of HOPE is carrying out in the community. The team have continued to make connections with other charities and government departments.

Last year saw our first reusable sanitary pad expo – 115 people turned up to hear songs, dramas and skits abut the pads! This was a fun event which highlighted how significant this small change is for keeping girls in school.

Work is continuing with the vulnerable women’s groups and the women have benefited hugely from the variety of programmes including training on different methods of farming and the receipt of seeds, pumps and pesticides.

8 households with orphans and vulnerable children have been supported in various ways according to their needs. The team have been excited to see these children’s lives transformed and have reported that they are thriving. The team will continue to support these children over the next year across different domains including repairing homes for them to live in.

Two widows’ houses have been built and two were fixed last year. They have also benefited from friendship and fellowship, which is organised and provided through a local church.

The team have implemented and are continuing with a programme of Community Led Total Sanitation (CLTS) which involves the whole community in mapping and planning ways to meet their own health and sanitation needs.

Last year four boreholes were fixed. The programme will continue in 2018 as need arises.

Three pit latrines were built in 2017. This year latrine building will be part of the community-led sanitation project.

Last year 217 smokeless stoves were built and training was carried out in the technology across 6 sub counties. Next year refresher training will be carried out as well as extending the training to more areas.

The 11 girls and young mothers on the apprenticeship scheme are soon to graduate with new skills that will help them to sustain themselves and their families.

Training has been carried out in looking after poultry and pigs; handicrafts; and savings and loans schemes.

As you can see, the team have been busy! We can’t wait to update you during the year as projects progress. If you want to be the first to hear about news and updates, then make sure you’re on our mailing list.