vulnerable households

10 years of hope… through goats!

For the past ten years, an underlying principle of a little bit of HOPE is that for people trapped in poverty, a little assistance can enable them to make significant progress.


Giving a vulnerable woman a goat is, by most definitions, a small thing. However, with the appropriate training on how to look after it well, it can make a big difference.

Aidah is 32 years old, and the one goat we gave her has so far given birth to a total of six goats. The income this has provided her with has enabled her to educate her children, sink a pit latrine and buy iron sheets to roof the house she was constructing.

Mariam is 35 years old, with the money she was able to earn with her goat, she saved enough money to purchase a cow. As well as having a calf, she now has two litres of milk she can sell each day. The money she earns from this is enough to pay her children’s school fees and buy household essentials.

As we celebrate our 10th birthday there are number of ways you can get involved:

  • Join us for a special Zoom event on Wednesday 17th November, where we will join with the a little bit of HOPE team in Uganda to tell more stories like Aidah and Mariam. Book your free place now.
  • Working with vulnerable women, particularly as they develop their livelihoods, is going to continue to be a key priority for us moving forward. Would you enable us to support more women by donating to our 10th birthday celebration fund? Please donate here.