Farming bees and educating a community.

This week we hear about a rapidly developing business and education centre in Butaleja District… Mageyo is a bee farmer. It’s a job that, like here in the UK, not many people feel compelled to take on. I for one am certain I’ll never pursue a career in keeping bees. However, Mageyo knows all there

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Lessons in business


Abraham runs a video library and one of Busolwe’s ‘cinemas’. (By cinema we mean a garage-sized room with a large TV in the corner, an even bigger PA system turned up to full volume so the sound it completely distorted, both connected to a petrol powered generator that is located a few metres outside.) Charles

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Looking back / looking forward: venture capital

RS - bike

This year, one of our key priorities was to review our fledgling venture capital programmes and consider how best to engage in this area in the future. Our desire is to enable people to develop businesses that generate income and create jobs, and launch pioneering community development projects that aim to address specific challenges that

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a little bit of training

Business training - square

This week 30 people have been taking part in a four-day business training course, organised by a little bit of HOPE (Uganda). The trainer, Livingstone, from an organisation called Reconxile, spent the week teaching a diverse group of experienced business people, leaders of community development projects, and young people with dreams, basic skills on how to

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A lot of determination + a little bit of capital and training = big results

rachel - camera (sq)

Rachel has now been in Uganda for three weeks and has been greatly encouraged by much of what she has seen. But there have been plenty of frustrations. She has been meeting with lots of budding entrepreneurs and finding that there is a huge amount of dedication, but often a lack of expertise and funding.

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Izzy’s Gold Star Project: Tailoring School


Izzy Bloomfield lives in Ipswich and is in her second year at London Metropolitan University, studying International Development. This week it’s her turn to tell us about her ‘Gold Star Project’: Tailoring School. At the beginning of 2012, a little bit of HOPE gave £600 to a tailoring school in Busolwe, Uganda. Started by Grace, a

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